Torii Hunter and Arthur Bryant

Here's one where I jump from the Keltner List to Torii Hunter to the depth that drives the Royals and Mets success: From NBC SportsWorld: But look at the Royals and the Mets. As of right now, is there a likely Hall of Famer on either team? No. Sure, one of the younger players — a Matt Harvey or Eric Hosmer or Salvy Perez or Jacob DeGrom (who, at 27, is older than you expect) — might have another decade’s worth of excellence and work their way into the conversation. Guys like Granderson and Alex Gordon and David Wright have had nice careers and with a late-career boost could become candidates. You can throw Lorenzo Cain into that mix, if you like, though he started very late. The aforementioned Cyborg Wade Davis is a hard man to quantify but you can mention him too.

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