Torii Hunter and Arthur Bryant

Here's one where I jump from the Keltner List to Torii Hunter to the depth that drives the Royals and Mets success:

From NBC SportsWorld:

But look at the Royals and the Mets. As of right now, is there a likely Hall of Famer on either team? No. Sure, one of the younger players — a Matt Harvey or Eric Hosmer or Salvy Perez or Jacob DeGrom (who, at 27, is older than you expect) — might have another decade’s worth of excellence and work their way into the conversation. Guys like Granderson and Alex Gordon and David Wright have had nice careers and with a late-career boost could become candidates. You can throw Lorenzo Cain into that mix, if you like, though he started very late. The aforementioned Cyborg Wade Davis is a hard man to quantify but you can mention him too.

But you would have to say there’s a good chance neither of these teams will have anybody elected to the Hall of Fame. No player on either team will win an MVP Award this year or the Cy Young Award, and neither manager will win Manager of the Year. Dayton Moore has made the most moribund franchise a baseball force, and he has never won the Sporting News Executive of the Year (but the Blue Jays’ Alex Anthopoulos wins the award on the day he was essentially run out of Toronto). The Mets’ Sandy Alderson has not won it either, though his Oakland A’s won three consecutive pennants and his New York Mets were given up for dead countless times.

Strength in Numbers

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And, as bonus, the proper way to order burnt ends at Arthur Bryant's.