Walking Bears

The other night we watched The Bad News Bears. The original. I'm told they made a remake, but I refuse to believe it and will never see it, even though I'm told it was directed by Richard Linklater, who is completely awesome, and it starred Billy Bob Thornton, who I interviewed once and he told me he tried out for the Kansas City Royals. Those guys are fantastic. I will still never see it. Such is my loyalty to the original movie, made in 1976.So, the other night I gathered the girls and we watched the original. Before I get to the punchline, I should point out that if you plan to do this with your 8 and 11 year old girls, you should know that the 1970s were a different time. You wouldn't expect to hear the N-word in a fun Little League baseball comedy … but, yeah, that's in there, along with several other disturbing images that made each girl at some point go: "Um, what was that?"But the themes of winning and losing, trying your best, finding the best part of yourself … that stuff still shines through.

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