Vault: The Willie Mays Hall of Fame

Today's Vault addition: For Brilliant Reader John Williamson, who requested it. Bob Costas on Wednesday said something I've heard a lot of people say through the years. But because he's Bob Costas, and I think the world of the guy, his words inspired this post. Bob thinks the Baseball Hall of Fame is too big. He did not go into detail, but he made it very clear -- and I believe the reference point was Bert Blyleven-- that the Hall of Fame was supposed to be for the "great" and, over the years, it became for the "very good." He did not elaborate out of respect for the very good players who are already in the Hall of Fame. But I suspect that if it could be done clandestinely -- that is to say if it could be done without anyone noticing and without hurting anybody -- Bob and a lot of other people would throw a lot of players out of their Baseball Hall of Fame.*

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