The Planet Kyrgios

A couple of weeks ago, our family went to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas. I bring this up for two reasons … well, maybe three reasons. It was amazing. My family has been making fun of me because of how often I’ve been talking up the Cosmosphere, even to complete strangers. But, see, here’s the deal: I go to a LOT of museums. It’s a hobby. And, inevitably, these museums are fine — usually, we call them “quaint” — but leave no impact at all. We’re in an out in an hour. But the Cosmosphere, it’s legitimately spectacular. For pure space stuff, I liked it more than the Air & Space Museum in Washington. It was much bigger than it looked, the shows were fun, the storytelling was terrific. Hey, I don’t know if you’re going to be anywhere near Hutch — which is outside of Wichita, Kan. — but it’s absolutely worth your time.

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