The Most Famous Athletes In The World

So, there’s a poll up asking you to vote on who you think are the five most famous active athletes in the world. Now, among the trickier parts of this question is the word “world.” What does it mean? Take a look at the 10 most populous countries on earth.1. China, 1.35 billion2. India, 1.21 billion3. United States, 315 million4. Indonesia, 237 million5. Brazil 193 million6. Pakistan, 192 million7. Nigeria, 171 million8. Bangladesh, 152 million9. Russia, 143 million10. Japan, 127 millionOK. So when you consider that Asia has more than 4 billion people -- more than all other continents in the world combined by more than a billion people*, well, any question about the world’s most famous athletes would have to skew heavily toward China and India. And, of course, you can certainly vote that way. It makes perfect sense.

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