The Lost Belichick Interview

You might have heard that after New England's 28-13 loss to Baltimore in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, Bill Belichick refused to come out for the post game interview with CBS. Instead, he sent out Devin McCourty. CBS' Shannon Sharpe ripped Belichick for the snub, which was fine and fair.The sad part is that America missed out on the post game interview, which I believe -- based on Bill's previous interviews -- would have gone more or less like so:Steve Tasker: "Bill, obviously that was a tough loss."Bill Belichick: "True, Steve. But it is so important to remember that to fall from a great height, you must first climb to that great height. I believe it was Steinbeck who wrote that it's so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone."Tasker: That was "The Winter of Our Discontent" wasn't it?Belichick: Yes. I find that Steinbeck comforts me in times like these. He had a deep understanding for losing. Also, now I think of the words of Anais Nin, whose journals I keep close for moments like these. I believe she said that we put off dying by living and risking and losing ...Tasker: Well, to be precise, I believe she said, "I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing."Belichick: Yes, that's the wording.Tasker: "Dreams are necessary to life." She said that too.Belichick: True words, Steve. Very true words.Tasker: What would you say to Ray Lewis right now?Belichick: I think instead of C.S. Lewis who said, "We cannot understand. The best is perhaps what we understand least."Tasker: Thank you Bill for your time and wisdom.Belichick: Of course Steve. And please tell Shannon Sharpe to $&#^&% #

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