Stat of the Day: RE24

Of course, it needs a better name than RE24. That won’t work at all. We’ll work on the name later. I have in my mind a friend who is a big baseball fan but does not like advanced statistics at all. I think he would love RE24 (with a different name) and a few other advanced stats if given a chance. So I’m going to explain RE24 with him in mind -- I suspect it will be too slow for the rest of you. Apologies in advance.The statistic is called RE24 because, as you might know, there are 24 different possibilities when a batter comes up in any given inning. There are eight “states.” They are:Bases empty.Man on first.Man on second.Man on third.Man on first and second.Man on first and third.Man on second and third.Bases loaded.So that’s eight states. You get 24 total possibilities because of the outs -- all of these states are possible with zero outs, with one out or with two outs. That makes 24 different possibilities in any inning.Now, each of these possibilities offers a run expectation -- that is to say how many runs a team might be expected to score in the inning. You might not be able to do the math, but you intuitively understand this. If your team has the bases loaded and there’s nobody out, you have a run expectation in your mind. If your team scores just one run, you undoubtedly will be disappointed and feel like they let some get away. If your team has nobody on and two outs, any run they score feels like a bonus.Well,

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