So there’s this list out of “America’s 35 Best Ribs.” I have no idea what “The Daily Meal” is or how they put together this list or any other details about the thing. But I do know that as I went through the list I realized: From at least one viewpoint: I have had ribs at 12 of their top 15 rib joints in America. There are times in your life when you have to reassess. The other day I happened to glance at my Marriott Rewards account rundown. I have spent almost 1,400 nights in Marriott Hotels. Put another way: I have spent roughly FOUR YEARS of my life in Marriotts. I once wrote how much I loved the movie “Up in the Air” and the big reason was that it beautifully captures both the allure and emptiness of travel, the romance of always going places and the void of never getting there, the joy of moving and the gloom of helping your daughter with her homework over the phone.

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