Phil Mickelson's 59 1/2

There are certain accomplishments in sports -- a no-hitter in baseball, a perfect game in baseball, a 300-game in bowling, a golden set in tennis, a 250-yard rushing game in the NFL, a four-homer day, a 59 in golf -- that are cool because fans will remember them. They are called "historic" but I don't think of them exactly that way. A historic moment in sports, to me, is a moment that is singular and important and essentially unrepeatable: Bill Mazeroski's homer … Joe Montana's drive against the Bengals … Michael Jordan's shot against Utah … Kirk Gibson's homer … Mike Eruzione's goal … Pete Sampras' winning his U.S. Open quarterfinal despite vomiting on the court … Michael Phelps' eighth gold medal …… those were moments when the circumstances and performance all came together on exactly the right stage, and something happened that will never happen again in the same way. That to me makes history.These other moments are amazing and fabulous but I think of them more as memorable than historic. There have been 23 perfect games in baseball history. There have been 22 televised perfect games in bowling. There have been 12 rushing days of 250 plus yards -- and can you name the only NFL running back to rush for 250 yards twice in a career?*

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