Most Legendary Moment

Duane Kuiper in all his glory (though with San Francisco). Denver Post via Getty Images

OK, so as you probably know — I am writing a book called “Why We Love Baseball,” and it is (at least on the surface) a countdown of the greatest/most important/most LEGENDARY moments in baseball history. I put that word LEGENDARY in all caps because it is the key word, LEGENDARY, not in the cliché way but in the most expansive and wide-ranging way you can think of it.

I don’t want to say any more, but I would love a favor. In this thread, I’d love if you would put down the single most legendary baseball moment in your team’s history (or, if you like, in your team’s history since you’ve become a fan — you can do it either way).

I do realize that this is a tough one, particularly for teams like the Yankees or Cardinals or Red Sox that have a hundred incredible moments. But my request is you choose just one. And you write it like this:

CLEVELAND FAN: My moment is Duane Kuiper’s one home run.

If you want to expand on that, you can. But really, what I’m looking for is the moment.

If you’re not a fan of any one team, that’s cool too — you have a whole bunch of teams to choose from.

Thanks so much! And have fun thinking about this!