Let's talk about replay!

OK, we’re through the first half of the Poseroski Baseball Previews! What do you think? I’m asking because my brain is entirely numb from writing them … and I’m still not done writing them all. Why do I do these things to myself?

Answer: Because I love you!

Here’s the tentative schedule for the second half of the Poseroskis:

Monday, April 4: American League East
Tuesday, April 5: National League West
Wednesday, April 6: American League Central

I might have a little surprise to slip in there, but that’s how I’m thinking about it right now. Thank you to all of you for reading and a special welcome to all you new subscribers. I hope you like it here.

OK, today, we’re going to have a fun thread about sports replay. I’m kicking it off with a couple of tweets. Hockey director of analytics Jeff Veillette tweeted this out:

“My stance on offside reviews remains the same in soccer as it is in hockey. Only let them watch in full speed. If they need slow-mo to find it, it doesn't matter. The rule exists to prevent cherry-picking, overturning goals over milimetres and grass blades never feels right.”

Now, if that idea of replay at full speed sounds familiar — it’s because I have written about it many times. So I jumped off from his with my own Tweet:

“This is so, so right. It's why I dislike so much of replay in sports. I'm all for replay overturning bad calls. But what it does much more is amplify and intensify broad rules that were not intended to be studied and scrutinized and examined to the last millimeter.”

A brilliant reader responded that the problem is not millimeters but instead the long delays — after all, pretty much everybody loves instant replay in tennis, which comes down to millimeters. I responded to that too:

“This is true, but it's also exactly my point -- that rule of the ball being in or out in tennis WAS ALWAYS intended to be measured by millimeters. That's why it works. Offside and a baserunner's foot bouncing imperceptibly off the bag and most others are not.”

Anyway, I have a lot to say about this subject, but let’s leave it to you. I’ll try to check in throughout the day if I can — you know, between writing about Diamondbacks catching and whatnot.