Let the players decide

Let’s review the end of a rather remarkable World Series baseball game. Saturday night, past midnight, the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Boston Red Sox on an obstruction call. We will get to that call in a few minutes . Let’s start with the top of the ninth inning. The score was tied at 4 entering the ninth, and the Cardinals were pitching Trevor Rosenthal. The Red Sox first batter of the inning was Will Middlebrooks, who had made -- or not made -- what I thought was the key play of the game up to that point. Back in the seventh inning, Red Sox manager John Farrell had decided to pinch-hit Middlebrooks for shortstop Stephen Drew, who has looked entirely helpless at the plate the entire postseason. This was a defensible but, it seems to me, extremely odd move. Sure, Middlebrooks hit 17 home runs and so Farrell was playing for lightning in a bottle. Didn’t happen. Middlebrooks flew out.

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