Judgmental Stats: The Win

A few years ago, I wrote something about judgmental baseball stats. I've had numerous people email and ask me to revisit the concept. So, why not? Let's revisit with a little Judgmental Stats Series. Let me say up front: I'm not interested in actually CHANGING the traditional baseball stats. They've been around so long, and have so much history, that to change them and make them "more logical" would probably do more harm than good. Cy Young's 511 wins, Ty Cobb's .366 average, Rickey Henderson's 130 stolen bases, these are ingrained in the game. We have in our mind what a 20-game winner, a .300 hitter, a sub 3.00 ERA feels like, and there's no real reason to mess with that. Even errors, a generally dumb concept, have such a place in the game's story that doing away with them would leave a void.

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