JoeBlogs Plus Athletic

OK, so it’s been a bit of a crazy day with my announcement that I’m beginning a sports partnership with The Athletic. All of you should have gotten an email explaining the deal (and subscribers should have gotten their free subscription link). I’m really excited about it and hope you are too.

I wanted to open up a discussion thread to talk about what we’re doing here at Substack. You can ask anything you want.

Just to get the conversation going: JoeBlogs will go on. I love Substack, love JoeBlogs, love the community we’ve created. I will link everything here that I write at The Athletic. And more, I will continue to write all my non-sports stuff here, I will keep pitching a certain book that comes out on October 22, I will continue to do the PosCast and will try to make a better connection to this place.

All of this will be free.

But there is a small catch. So, before you ask your questions, let me ask you one. It involves commenting.

The way it works here at Substack, only paid subscribers get to comment. So there are two options. I can make JoeBlogs entirely free … but then the comments go away.

Or, I can charge a nominal fee for anyone who wants to comment … and the comments will stay.

Let me know your thoughts and ask all your questions.