Hot Button: Concussions in football

Question 3. Statement: The concussions issue has altered the way I watch pro football. Definitely agree. I find that I cannot/do not enjoy the game knowing people get permanently hurt: 9.6% Agree. I still watch but it has had a clear effect on my football watching. 39.3% Neutral. 10.8% Disagree. I’m saddened by each concussion discovery but honestly I watch football the same: 35.5% Strongly disagree. Don’t think about it. I love football as much or more than ever. 4.8% Broken Down: Agree: 48.9% Disagree: 40.3% Neutral: 10.8% * * * I thought this was the most intense question in the survey … if a question on a survey can be intense. It seems to me that we are told two broad things over and over again:

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