Hochevar To The Bullpen

In my almost two decades of paying close attention to the Kansas City Royals, there is one trait above all others that has driven me crazy about the team: The Royals have long had an almost magical ability to make bad decisions much, much worse.It wasn't the signing of Jeff Francoeur that was the crusher. it was the large two-year deal they gave him after he had a pretty good year.It wasn't the hope invested in Kyle Davies that was the crusher. It was the refusal to let go when that hope was so clearly gone.It wasn't the trade for Yuniesky Betancourt that was the crusher. It was re-aquiring him long after it was clear that he really wasn't going to help the team win.There are dozens of examples like this. Look: Teams make bad decisions all the time. The very smartest baseball people will make stupefying miscalculations because baseball is a hard game to predict. But the very smartest baseball people, it seems to me, will catch their mistakes earlier than others and minimize them. The Royals, too often through the years, not only failed to catch their mistakes, they indulged their mistakes, built ad campaigns around their mistakes, wrote lyric operas to their mistakes. It hasn't been much fun to watch.And so, that's why I think the Royals made not only a good move but a fantastic one when they put Luke Hochevar in the bullpen last week.

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