He Ain't Heavy ...

I’m about nine years older than my youngest brother Tony, so I didn’t really grow up with him. He was 8 when I went to college. He was 12 when I moved out of the house for good. My memories of him as a child are mostly when he was very young, like when we would send him into the neighbor’s yard to get the ball that had crushed their flower bed.I also remember him running for school office. He was heavy then, very heavy, but he was a good-hearted kid, full of life and spirit and he radiated with self confidence -- I remember his room being decorated with a Jerry Seinfeld autograph we had gotten him and all the political posters he made when running for (I think) class vice president. In one, I believe, he was dunking a basketball and calling himself “Air Poz.” He acted in school plays, I clearly remember his star turn as Charlie Brown. Point is, I remember him projecting strength and self-confidence. I admired him for that. Sure, I sometimes wondered how the other kids treated him. He was small and chunky and a target. But he seemed bigger than all that. Anyway, he did to me from a distance.You probably know

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