Hall of Fame Leftovers

So, I thought I would do a round-up of The BBWAA Project and see what -- if anything -- we learned. For this, I will not use WAR or any other statistic. I will only use the Baseball Reference EloRater -- which involves fans rating the best (and not so good) baseball players in history. The rating is done in a fascinating way: The EloRater shows you two players -- I just did it, and it gave me Bill Swift and Javier Vazquez, then Johnny Damon and Javy Lopez -- and simply asks you which player was better (I chose Vazquez and Damon).There's then a fairly complicated formula to create the player rating. It's a very cool system. Like everything else, there are biases and contradictions. Also, it's a moving target -- people keep ranking players on EloRater so the rankings keep changing (I started this about a week ago, so I'm actually using several different versions of the EloRater here. Sorry about that). But the point is not that the system is perfect but that it gives us a quick glance at the players and their approximate value.So here are a few things we've learned:

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