Golden Balls

So, this thing has been on my mind ever since my Esquire/ESPN pal Chris Jones sent it my way: There was a British game show that had the unfortunate name of “Golden Balls.” Ah, those cheeky Brits! Best I can tell it ran for two years, and it had this somewhat uneven plot where two people would open these, well, golden balls and build up money in what was sort of a joint bank account. It’s actually a bit more convoluted than that, but for the point in this post that doesn’t really matter. Just know that money gets piled up. And then, at the end of the show, you have two people who have up to now been working together, and an amount of money that would range somewhere between 10,000 pounds and, maybe, 120,000 pounds.Then, they play the final round -- which is what is absolutely fascinating in that Lady and the Lion sort of way.See the final round of Golden Balls is basically a psychological death trap. It’s a financial and even more freaked out version of the famous

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