A Showalter Story

So, I wrote a little bit about baseball managers as players ... and there wasn’t quite the room in there to tell a little Buck Showalter story. Maybe you have read our profane friend Pat Jordan on Showalter over at Sports On Earth. Well Pat tells a story in there about how in 2002, when Showalter was a candidate to become the manager in Kansas City, a Royals player charged into the GM’s office and basically threatened a player mutiny if he was hired. I’ve never been able to confirm that one -- several of the people who might have been involved have insisted to me it did not -- but I do know there was a lot of concern about Showalter being a control freak. I know this because I was the guy leading the charge to get Showalter hired. I was the columnist in Kansas City at the time and to be blunt I didn’t really care if Showalter was a control freak. The Royals were in a lot of trouble then and it seemed to me that Showalter was exactly what the team needed. I figure even if Showalter was a control freak, well:

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