Win Scoreboard, April 4

Opening Day 2.0 was actually a good day for the win. Seven starters pitched well enough to get the win. None of them pitched well enough to impress, say, Bob Gibson or Tom Seaver or Jack Morris or whatever -- no starter pitched more than seven innings. But it is early in the season. And we're in a different time.

And no reliever blew the game and got a win as a reward.

The pitcher who got jobbed: Noah Syndergaard. He threw six shutout innings before coming out with a blister. The Mets scored their runs after he left.

The running scoreboard:

Starters who pitch amazing: 0.

Starters who pitch well: 8.

Starters who pitch kind of lousy: 0.

Relievers in the right place, right time: 4.

Relievers who kind of stink: 2