Welcome Back

Hi, my name is Joe Posnanski. I'm a writer. I do a lot of my writing for NBC Sports. I also write books. I'm writing a book about Houdini now and how he inspires today's world. Anyway, when writing those stories or books, the words are, more or less, spelled correctly and the stories themselves tend to make sense because NBC and my publishing house have great editors ... and standards ... and stuff.

This, meanwhile, is our toybox. The words here are often speled wrong and sometimes sometimes they repeat for no apparent reason. Here we get lost in the weeds. We dig deep into rabbit holes. Here we write way too much about Jack Morris' Hall of Fame credentials and the Cleveland Browns' incomparable talent for losing. Here we make a lot of mistakes, try a lot of things and constantly lose focus. Squirrel!

Here we might start a list featuring baseball's top 100 players but only make it to 32 (so far!). Here we occasionally tease stories that never get written and unveil stories that seem to come out of pizza dreams. Here we write about infomercials like the Atomic Beam. Here we write pseudo poetry. Here we celebrate the wonder of Vin Scully ... and Hamilton ... and bad movies ... and Pixifoods ... and Duane Kuiper ... and, of course, Bruce Springsteen.

I keep saying "we" bedcause this blog is built around a community -- a community of people who for some reason are civil in the comments and have brilliant insights into the world and seem to really love having our own little corner of the Internet to kick around ideas. They are the reason I've been doing this all these years. And yes, it's true, sometimes, the stuff on here soars far beyond our little community. Sometimes, as improbable as it seems, this toybox of ours even wins a prestigious award or two. That's nice.

But the joy of this place comes from the way everyone feeds off each other. "You know," my Dad says sometimes, "some of the commenters are better writers than you are."

Today, we're relaunching Joe Blogs with a new look. The wonderful logo above was created by my brilliant friend Rick McKee. There has to be merch to go along with it, right? Sure. We'll work on that. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the place. Everything is free including the typos.