Top 50 Contest (w/update)

So, Brilliant Reader Geoff Silver has bravely decided to have a contest where you predict who will be my 50 greatest baseball players. I will pull out his rules here:

-- Everyone starts with 1000 points.

-- For each spot in the rankings that a pick is off, you lose one point. E.g., if you have Al Kaline at No. 50, and Joe ranks him No. 42, you would lose eight points for that pick.

-- Picking someone who isn’t on Joe’s list is a 25-point deduction

Seems reasonable to me. If you are interested in playing, you can email Geoff here. I’m planning to start the Top 50 on Wednesday so you have a couple of days to get in.

Just remember: Duane Kuiper is No. 11. Or No. 10. It depends on what I do with Raul Ibanez.

Update: I guess I should have mentioned this before -- there is one tie in the Top 50. So if you want to guess at that tie ... that might be a good tiebreaker. Heh. Tiebreaker. See what I did there?