This is NBC’s SportsWorld


Well, I may have mentioned that there are some big things going on over at NBC. Today we launched SportsWorld. I could go into depth about what SportsWorld is, why I think it’s cool, where it’s going, but I hope it is obvious if you go over there.

I wrote in-depth on Ned Yost.

I wrote in-depth on Dale Earnhardt Jr.

I wrote in depth on a remarkable little British soccer town called Burnley.

And so on. SportsWorld is going to be a place for in those depth stories and video documentaries. People will compare it to Grantland and Sports On Earth and SB Nation’s Longform and so on, and that’s good because those are fantastic places with amazing work. I hope we’ll carve out or own little spot that is different.

This is something I’ve been talking about with my friend and boss Rick Cordella for a long time, before I even started at NBC. This is his vision. His feeling is that when you have the storytelling history of NBC, and the storytelling capabilities of NBC Sports and the Golf Channel (check out the Arnie documentary) and NBC Olympics along with really wonderful writers like my pal Ray Ratto (who would never admit to being my pal), you have a chance to build something pretty unique and special. That was the vision that inspired me to come to NBC almost two years ago, so this is a very exciting day.

Anyway, enough marketing. This is SportsWorld. Hope you’ll love it. And if you are my age or older, click on the old YouTube video and listen to the music of the original SportsWorld. It might bring back a few memories.