The Miracle Nats

The Athletic

Still on the road … will be more or less for the next two or three weeks before things will finally slow down. I’ll be at the Houdini Museum in Scranton, Pa on Friday, Nov. 1. If you’re anywhere nearby, would love to see you — and it should be a lot of fun because magic legend Dorothy Dietrich (the magician who Isla Fisher based her character on in “Now You See Me”) will be on stage with me, maybe doing a little magic.

Then, next week, I’m in Tulsa and Washington. More details to come.

In the meantime, wow, what a weird World Series. I’ve heard some people call it a classic … I must admit I don’t see it. None of the games ended up being close (even the one-run Game 1 wasn’t really close). There were zero comebacks. The winning teams outscored the losing teams 49-14. Etc.

But there were numerous memorable moments. And the plain weirdness of the road team winning every game, plus the incredible resiliency of the Nationals, did make this Series something special.

I wrote a little something about the Miracle Nats.