The Greatest Game

Over on Twitter -- and I did this as a lark, really -- I asked people, "If you could go back and see one baseball game, anytime in history, what would you watch."

And while it might have begun as a lark, so many people have responded -- and the responses were so much more emotional than I expected. I figured there would be lots of people would would want to go back and see if Babe Ruth really called his show, see what it was like in 1908 when Fred Merkle forgot to go to second base on the game-winning hit, see Satchel Paige face Josh Gibson for real. And many people did say those things and they included many, many other great moments in baseball history -- Larsen's perfect game, Koufax's perfect game, our pal Brandon McCarthy wanted to go back and see Roy Halladay's playoff no-hitter against the Reds, on and on.,

But as I read more and more of these responses, I realized that what many people wanted to do was simply go back and relive the greatest sports moment of their lives -- go back and see the 2014 Royals wildcard comeback or relive Game 6 of the 2011 World Series or be there again when the Mets came back in Game 6 or when Carlton Fisk waved his home run fair in 1975.

And even more simply wanted to be young again and go to that first game with Dad or Mom or both of Grandpa ...

I was planning on writing a quick hit on this but now I want to delve deeper. So I ask you a favor. If you would, in the comments, write a few word about the game you would love to go back and see. Include your name if you wouldn't mind being named in the story, leave it out if you prefer not to be named. And someday in a few weeks, after the Opening Day hoopla has faded, I will write the story, your story, my story, about what it would be like to go back, just for a day, to see a baseball game.