The Great Debate

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We start with the T-shirt link.

Sometimes people ask how Mike Schur and I started the PosCast. OK, not often. But sometimes. And the truth is, the PosCast began as a debate about fruit. Mike and I were at a spring training baseball game in Bradenton, Fla. (or it might have been Lakeland, actually, I can't remember which -- sheesh, this was almost 10 years ago), when for no apparent reason at all we began drafting fruit.

If you want to know what it's like to hang out with the brilliant creator of Parks and Recreation and The Good Place, well, that's pretty much what it's like.

That was the first time that Mike told me about his aversion to pie and hot fruit.

(Cue the T-shirt link)

We have done, well, I haven't counted, but I guess it's roughly 17 million PosCasts since then, and we have wildly disagreed about many things from Butterfingers (I say gross, he says great) to pretzels as snacks (I say delicious, he says an abomination) to the correct side to put the jelly in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (he says peanut butter side, I say he's an insane person). This week, on the bonus PosCast, we draft Thanksgiving things, meaning we just argue about Thanksgiving. I think it's the best holiday. He's thinks it’s among the worst.

But the fruit argument remains at the core of our lifelong feud.

This holiday season, we decided to do something about it. At the top of this post, you will see two T-shirts. I should say up front that these are just two of several available styles -- you can get these two shirts in light and dark colors. But at the center of them is the crux of things.

My shirt says: Fruit pie is delicious

Mike's shirt says: Hot fruit is disgusting

And, in the end, you decide who is right and who is Michael Schur.

Actually, you can't go wrong, because proceeds go to charity. Proceeds for my shirt go to the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, a very personal charity for us because, as you might know, our daughter Elizabeth has Crohn's Disease. So close to developing a cure.

Proceeds for Mike's shirt will go to the International Rescue Committee, an extraordinary organization that rescues lives in some of the world's most devastating crises. Absolutely incredible.

And, of course, Mike and I have a wager on it as well. We're counting shirts sold, and the loser will donate a nice sum to the charity of the winner. We have not come up with an official total yet, though Mike has suggested $50 million. We'll negotiate on that.

Anyway, we're just trying this merch thing out, seeing if we can do a little good in the world while, much more importantly, finally settling this fruit pie/hot fruit argument once and for all. And they're really cool shirts. The Cotton Bureau does some great work.

Here again is the link for both shirts. The shirts will only be available until Dec. 4 -- this is a special holiday thing. I can't imagine a greater gift than a Fruit Pie is Delicious T-shirt (or the other one, I guess). Think of the joy you could bring someone this holiday season!

Oh, one more thing. The way this works, when more shirts get sold, we get some free codes to give shirts away. So, after Thanksgiving, we will have some contests going along with this as well. We don't know what those contests will be, but if you have any ideas on that front, please feel free to add them in the comments.

Remember, fruit pie really is delicious! Or if you happen to be The Grinch, hot fruit is disgusting.

Either way, it's a message the world needs to hear.