The Dolphins Make Me Cry

A few weeks ago, I spent several days on the road with Darius Rucker and his band. It was a blast, but I have to tell you about one part that was kind of funny. You probably know that band members sleep on moving busses. So I slept on the bus too. They gave me this little bunk that is basically the size of a dresser drawer. I've never slept on a train or on in a bus bunk before -- it was interesting.

But here was the funny part. The first night, I kept having the same dream. I was in our house sleeping in our bed with Margo when suddenly the bed started shaking. The girls rushed in to our bedroom and shouted "Earthquake!" And so we jumped out of bed, gathered our stuff, got the dog, and raced out to the front of the yard while the ground shook around us. I'm not actually sure if this is the proper procedure for an earthquake, but that's what we did.

And just as we got outside I would wake up and see I was on a rumbling bus and think, "Well, yeah, of course that would be the dream I would have."

Then I would fall back asleep ... and have the exact same dream. It happened like five times.

Getting to know Darius and the guys in the band and the one-of-a-kind tour manager Mike Kelly was fantastic. But I will say the whole bus-sleeping thing did end any craving I'd ever had to be in a band.

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