The Baseball 100 Offer

Time's running out!

OK, let’s see here — there are now 50 days until The Baseball 100 comes out on September 28. It comes in at about 2.82 pounds and 300,000 words … even more if you include the introduction from George Will, which includes these 34 words:

“Posnanski must already have lived more than two hundred years. How else could he have acquired such a stock of illuminating facts and entertaining stories about the rich history of this endlessly fascinating sport?”

I appreciate him saying that because, honestly, I FEEL like 200 years old. I played tennis yesterday and afterward the only part of my body that didn’t hurt was my left ear.

Anyway, I love this book. I think it’s beautiful, I think it has some of my best writing, and I love how it riles people up as they yell at me about leaving this person off the list or under-ranking that person or whatever the case may be. Every moment spent talking about baseball, arguing about baseball, clashing about baseball is a glorious moment in these times.

So, the point here is to give you some info about our preorder offer, but I want to give you some hints about what’s coming even before the Baseball 100.

  1. My last day with The Athletic will be in early September.

  2. I am building my next big thing and have been for quite a few weeks now. It will launch, yeah, in early September.

  3. By being a subscriber, you will be the first to know about it … and you will be given a special and exclusive opportunity to be a part of it.

  4. I am going to the Field of Dreams game this week!

The last of those isn’t DIRECTLY related to the first three but, you know, I wanted to tell you anyway. Who knows? I might write about it. Anyway, more about all of this soon.

OK, the Baseball 100 offer — you might know that if you preorder the book from Rainy Day Books at this link, I will sign the book AND inscribe it with any words you like, you know, within reason. I’m told that you have flooded Rainy Day with preorders, which obviously makes my heart soar and, at the same time, gives me a writing cramp just thinking about it.

The offer is still going but because of logistics, there is a new deadline — if you want the book signed with an inscription you need to go to the link by Sept. 1. I realize that this means planning ahead for all those Christmas presents you plan on buying, but that’s the deal — the cutoff date for signed and inscribed books is Sept. 1.

If you preorder the book after Sept. 1, you can still get it signed and personalized, but I will not be able to inscribe it.

So, I guess I’m saying: Preorder now even though my arm might fall off!*

*Rainy Day Books says that because of their website limitations, this offer is only available for orders within the United States. If you would like to order outside the U.S., first of all, thank you, I love you, and second of all you can call the store at (913) 384-3126, and they will try to accommodate.