Ten Oscar Thoughts

1. The Oscars were, once again, utterly predictable. I predicted 18 out of 24 awards, which is good, but I missed two on principle, picking Boyhood for Best Picture and Director even though I knew it had almost no shot. These things are getting too easy to pick. The only things that even resembled a surprise was when Boyhood lost Best Editing -- I don't know what Richard Linklater did to the Academy but many did they turn on Boyhood -- and maybe when Big Hero 6 beat out How to Train Your Dragon 2 for Best Animated Feature. Big Hero 6 was the better movie and right choice, in my opinion, but neither was nearly as good as Lego Movie, which did not get nominated.

2. I remain baffled by the Oscar for Best Song going to the writers of "Glory," John Stephens and Lonnie Lynn. Those are the real names of John Legend and Common ... did they ask to the Academy to use their real names? If not, that's one of the weirdest things I've seen. I mean they didn't introduce Stefani Germanotta to sing songs from The Sound of Music. There were no Oscars given to Marion Morrison, Issur Danielovitch, Betty Joan Perske, Allan Konigsberg, Melvin Kaminsky, Anna Italiano or Lucille LeSueur. I assume Common and Legend wanted to be listed by the real names .

3. Lady Gaga showed off an amazing voice when doing that weird and out-of-the-blue tribute to "The Sound of Music" -- but 28 seems awfully early for her to begin her Vegas diva career.

4. The super-fun "Everything is Awesome" performance was a good reminder that leaving "Lego Movie" out of the nominations was an all-time blunder.

5. I cannot think of the last Oscar-winning movie I would watch again and again and again. Certainly Birdman doesn't qualify. I'm going to have to do a post on "most watchable movies." I wonder how many of them have won Oscars.

6. Seeing David Oyelowo break down during John Legend and Common's fantastic performance of "Glory" was a good reminder that leaving him off the best actor nominations list was an all-time blunder.

7. I saw that Ross Douthat made this point too ... the telecast didn't do a very good job of paying tribute to people who died in the last year. That's supposed to be an emotional time. Instead they had Meryl Streep read an antiseptic and general, "We're going to miss these people, you know, all of them, whoever they are" speech, and then later they had Jennifer Hudson sing something or other. No sense at all. How could they not show some clips? I mean, this year Hollywood lost Robin Williams, Mickey Rooney, Mike Nichols and other giants ... show these people's work. That seems pretty obvious.

8. Neil Patrick Harris was pretty blah as a host, though it didn't seem his fault ... it was just a blah telecast. The lame lockbox magic trick gag -- there just wasn't any way he or anyone else could save that stink bomb. And why do they keep sending Oscar hosts into the audience like it's a daytime talk show?

9. Long live John Travolta.

10. Doesn't it seem like that this point that they just let Sean Penn out of the crypt every now and again just to give out major awards and offend people?