Still Hustling

From NBC SportsWorld:

Pete Rose is a great storyteller, when he’s in the mood. He’s a funny guy, when he’s in the mood. He’s a good guy to hang out with, when he’s in the mood. Like I say, I have a soft spot for him. And beyond that, I’m on the record saying that I would vote for him for the Hall of Fame.

But all this has nothing to do with his appeal to be reinstated to baseball. Manfred had one concern and one concern only: If Pete Rose were allowed back in, would he embarrass the game?

And to determine this, Manfred needed just one piece of evidence — a piece of evidence Rose himself provided in their conversation.

Pete Rose still bets on baseball.

Oh, he does? Great. That’s a wrap, folks. Please tip your waitresses on the way out.

Still Hustling