PosCast, New Tiers, Fun!

Go here to become a JoeBlogs member!

As I have mentioned a few times, this JoeBlogs membership thing is a moving target. I'm trying to figure out how to do it, trying to take in all of your advice and requests, trying to understand the technology, etc.

And now, Joe Blogs goes to the next step.

Before I get to that I should say, if you're content with what's happening now -- nothing should change for you. I believe I'm adding stuff, not subtracting. But again, it's all a moving target. I'm thrilled with all of the people who have joined and hope you're enjoying membership. I think these changes will make it more fun.

Did I mention that you can go here to become a JoeBlogs member?

First, let me say there are new tiers:

Posterisk ($3 or more)

Benefits include:

-- Access to JoeBlogs.

-- Access to the Patron-only feed over at Patreon.

-- Exclusive content from The PosCast. I'll get to that in a minute.

Brilliant Reader ($5 or more)

Benefits include:

-- Access to the Discord chat board, where there will be monthly Q&A sessions and live blogs.

-- Newsletter with bonus content.

-- All previous rewards.

A Soul of Baseball ($10 or more)

Benefits include:

-- Early signed copy of "Baseball 100" book when series ends.

-- Your name featured in the acknowledgments.

-- Exclusive chances to ask questions for the PosCast and blog.

-- Discounts on merchandise if there ever is merchandise.

-- All previous rewards.

Passions in America ($20 or more -- capped at 50 members)

-- Invitation to participate in "Passions in America" focus group, which will be featured throughout the project.

-- All previous rewards.

Just a quick reminder that you can go here to become a JoeBlogs member!

So, if you're at the $3 level now, you'll be getting more than you got before, because I had split up the podcast and blog. The $5 level should get some more stuff, too. Then there are the higher levels, and you can decide if you want to be a part of those.

Let me get back to the PosCast for a minute. Mike and I have been doing the PosCast for a long time, and we've never gotten paid a dime for it. We did some advertising at times, but we never saw that money. And that was OK. We do it for fun.

But, we do pay a producer now. We do pay for equipment and podcasting platforms. By "we," I of course mean, "me." So the plan in this go-around was to do some advertising on the podcast to cover costs. It turns out for various reasons that's not going to work. So we're going to give parts of the PosCast -- and we might eventually put the entire PosCast -- behind the membership wall. This week, we're putting the draft behind the wall as a trial.

JoeBlog membership is, like, right here.

The way it should work for members is that you get your own private RSS link, which is emailed to you and is also available on your own personal Patreon page. So you can listen to the PosCast bonus stuff on the site, or you can just plug the personal RSS link into your podcast app of choice, and it should update whenever we put bonus stuff up.

Thanks again to those of you who became members and those of you who are thinking about it. Those of you who are not members and are not thinking about it and don't really know how you even ended up on this page, thank you also for making it to the bottom of this. I have no idea how that happened.