Poll time!

Well, first, a few links.

Four years ago, Mike Matheny decided he would only coach a youth baseball team under certain conditions -- mainly that parents stay quiet and that he would be free to make the game about the kids. Now, he wants to bring that to youth sports everywhere.

I've written the Tony Pena story before, but in my view it can't be written enough times. And this is especially true after Pena led the Dominican Republic to its stirring WBC Championship.

My 68-second NCAA bracket is guaranteed to, well, it didn't take long.

Now, the poll, which you can see on the side.

The question for you is this: Should baseball change the rules to reduce or eliminate the home plate collision? That seems simple enough.

But, as I ask around the game, I find that it's a bit of a complicated question. How far should baseball go? Shouldn't this be left up to the players? Can baseball change the rules enough to eliminate the home plate collision? Will doing that break the game from its history? Is a rule change an overreaction to recent incidents? And why ARE there home plate collisions when the rules are supposed to be the same at all bases? And lots of other questions.

I have an opinion, which I'll be writing about at length soon. But I'd love to hear what you think. Take the poll. And tap out your comments below.