Patreon Issues

Update: OK, I THINK I have figured out the problem. The Patreon site should now be working again. And I think the Discord issue that several people are struggling with should also be fixed -- it seems the issues were related. Fingers crossed.

First off, I'm sorry.

I don't know what the heck is going on with Patreon, but I do know that many of you signed up for JoeBlogs membership and were sent into an insane and ultra-frustrating loop of "Allow access -- blocked post -- allow access -- blocked post." I have signed up myself (hey, I'm my biggest fan) and went through the same frustration. Maddening.

I will try to work ot the issue with Patreon; hoping it's just a Sunday morning glitch. In the meantime, I've unlocked the posts so you can access them.

I'm also aware that there seems to be an issue for some connecting your Patreon with the Discord chat board. I am talking with Patreon about that as well.

We hit a milestone on Saturday night -- 1,000 people have now signed up to be JoeBlog members. I cannot thank you all enough for your faith in this project. I will do everything I can to get the technical glitches worked out with Patreon. In the meantime, thank you for being a member, and thank you for not throwing stuff at me in frustration.