So, been meaning to check in. But, well, the Olympics ...

Here are a few links:

BALANCE BEAM: The beam hates everyone.

LANE 8: Show up to see Bolt, see a ridiculous world record for free.

BOLT: All Usain Bolt does is run.

DEAR JORDAN: Bulk email all the golfers who didn't show up.

NICO: The cool story of boxer Nico Hernandez.

PHELPS: Ran out of words for Michael Phelps eight years ago. He keeps doing wonders.

NO CHEERING IN THE PRESS BOX: Broke the rule and cheered for Kathleen Baker.

FIJI!: The first Olympic medal for Fiji is gold, and it it's in the awesome rugby sevens.

THE DRUG CULTURE: Olympic athletes have started to call out drug cheats, with mixed results.