New York's Finest

The game has changed. You need a playoff plan. The Mets have one.

From NBC SportsWorld:

Well, Murphy went up there looking for the Rodney changeup, and Rodney instead threw one of his mid-90s heaters. That should have meant game over for Murphy. Instead …

“I just swung,” Murphy said. “And then, when I hit it, I said, ‘Oh my goodness.’”

Yes, he really said: “Oh my goodness.” Then he drank a tall glass of milk, helped an elderly couple across the street, and in a nearby hospital, little Timmy woke from a coma with the news that Daniel Murphy had indeed homered, just like he promised. “I knew he’d do it!” Timmy shouted, and Timmy’s father and mother, who had been going through rocky times, looked into each other’s eyes and realized they still loved each other, and on the celebratory walk back the happy family ran into a stray puppy without a home. “Can we keep her?” Timmy’s adorable sister Lucy asked, and of course they could, thanks to Daniel Murphy.

“What will we name her?” Timmy asked, and everyone looked at each other and laughed for there was obviously only one answer.

New York's Finest