Membership Update II

OK, this JoeBlogs membership thing is off and running. I'll thank you all again -- the response has beyond anything I could have imagined.

I just wanted to answer a few process questions:

From Brilliant Reader Kevin: "Does anyone know if Joe is still writing at The Athletic? He’s the only reason I subscribed but since he started talking about the Patreon stuff at this site he hasn’t posted over there."

First off, Kevin, thanks for subscribing to The Athletic. It's an awesome place. Just to give you an update, I'm working on several things all at once, and a whole lot will be decided over the next couple of days. So I'll be making what I think are a couple of pretty big announcements, at least to me. I haven't stopped writing for The Athletic; I've just taken the last couple of weeks to work through an awful lot of stuff. Good stuff. But stuff just the same.

From Brilliant Reader Mark: Do I need to read two websites to get all of the content or is it all posted on

Thank you Mark. Everything I write will be posted here at, and the vast majority of it will only be accessible to members. If Patreon is doing its job right, you shouldn't notice any difference at all -- the blog should read exactly as it did before. Non-members will get a short preview of each post, and then a button giving them the chance to sign up.

There's also the Patreon page itself, where I'll write occasional updates (I expect to post this there) and stuff like that. I'll also post occasional video and audio there, if you like that stuff. But all the writing will be here on the blog -- one-stop shopping, at least that's the plan.

From several Brilliant Readers: There seem to be a few technical problems with people not being able to get behind the pay wall, or with them asking for their credentials every time they come to the blog, etc.

I'm checking with the Patreon folks to figure out tech support, and will get back to you as soon as I hear back on that front. Thank you so much for your patience on this. I too am learning as I go.

The Baseball 100 unveiling begins later this week and ... we come out of the gate blasting. I think you'll be pretty surprised by whom my system ranks as the 100th best player in major league history. All I can say is that I just looked at the list and I love it so, so, so much. It's VERY different from my original idea.