Membership update

First off, thank you. And thank you. And thank you once more. I cannot believe how many of you have become members of JoeBlogs. Hundreds? In one weekend? It has blown my mind.

Obligatory link to the Patreon membership page.

The schedule for JoeBlogs regular features is beginning to become a bit clearer. Later today -- and every Monday for a while -- I'll be posting a new series called 'The Harry Potter Diet." I'm going to put the first one up as a public post.

Then, the plan is to have Baseball 100 posts twice a week. One will be a ranked player -- No. 100 will be posted later this week. The other post will be, well, it will be something different each week. I think you'll like it.

And then beyond that we'll be posting all sorts of surprises and nutty stuff.

You can become a member at this link.

I promise I won't be posting these kinds of inside-JoeBlogs updates often. But I did have to offer one more thank you because I did not expect so much response. Thank you. I will do my best to make this a whole lot of fun.