Lots of links

Well, uh, sorry. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I can't even explain why it's been a crazy couple of weeks; it just seems like there has never been a spare moment. I'll share some of that with you next week, I hope.

In the meantime, I've got a bunch of stories up at NBC SportsWorld:

IDENTITY CRISIS -- Ronda Rousey's heart-wrenching memory of how she felt after her first loss reminded me so completely of the feelings of my friend, Mel Stewart, after he finished fifth at the 1988 Summer Olympics. So I called Mel. His insights were pretty amazing.

PECOTA and ROYALS -- Yep, PECOTA once again picks the Royals to be lousy.

AFTER THE FACT -- Ken Stabler is the latest to get elected to a Hall of Fame just after he dies. It's a real shame. I think voters should PRETEND the person they are voting on just died.

BAD to the BONE -- Jared Allen was a badass. Jared Allen loved saying "badass." Here's a memory of Jared Jared Allen, a badass football player who just rode off into the sunset.