Little Miracles

The Athletic

My mind, at the moment, is overflowing with thoughts about two small and supernatural men. One was 5-foot-5 (maybe). The other is 5-foot-6 (maybe). They were both born in other countries. They both grew up poor but with big dreams. They both overcame an endless series of doubters. They both did magical things. They both became American heroes.

It isn’t clear, even now, how either one of them did it.

The first is Harry Houdini, of course. My book, The Life and Afterlife of Harry Houdini appears in bookstores tomorrow, and if you’re in Los Angeles, I’ll be doing three events over the next three days, including tonight’s launch with the great Nick Offerman. Come on out!

The second is Jose Altuve. The thing that strikes me about Altuve is that, even now, it isn’t easy to pinpoint his genius or know his secrets. He just hits.

The fantastic mystery of Jose Altuve