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Been a crazy busy couple of weeks -- I have like 10 posts lined up. Will try to get to at least some of them in the next couple of days. In the meantime, did want to mention that I will be in Kansas City Thursday night for the premiere of the movie 42.And here are a few links of what I have managed to get posted in the last few days.-- Does the hot hand really exist? Probably not. But that first half of the NCAA Championship game was enough to make anyone believe.-- Wichita State did everything right in an effort to pull of a sports miracle. But, that’s why they’re called miracles.-- Pitino. Beilein. Two paths.-- A handshake and America. The really cool story of Loyola and Mississippi State.-- One baseball game seemed enough to give out some early season awards.-- Mike Matheny would like to change youth sports.