Links! Links! Links!

I've gotten a few complaints from BRs that I'm not doing any writing lately. Actually, I'm writing a lot -- I'm just not linking very well.

Fortunately, NBC now has an Author Page where you can link to everything, if you choose.

A few recent stories:

-- Bud makes an example of A-Rod. But he still looks longingly at the NFL and how nobody seems to care about football and PEDs.

-- The Dolphins might be better this year. But after almost 20 years, they still have not replaced the consistent excellence of Don Shula -- under him, the Dolphins ALWAYS won.

-- The Big Read: A walk through the NFL Hall of Fame.

Well, all the rest are on the archive page.

Oh, and in response to a BR request: Here is the new NBC RSS Feed, which should work better than the old one.