Joe Vault

OK, this is a thoroughly arrogant thing ... but I’m doing it anyway and maybe you can help.

I have started a vault to put all my old stories. This is not the sort of thing I’m supposed to do. Like I’m Phillip Roth or something. But, well, two things:

1. I get a surprising number of requests for old stories (any number would be surprising but I get a lot) and it would be great to just have a site to point people to.

2. Some of those old stories have, for various reasons, fallen out of the Internet and I’d like to get them back up.

So, what I’m doing over time is putting lots and lots of old stories into the vault in what I hope is some sort of reasonably easy way to search. I figure this will make it easier for my daughters to find these stories should they ever decide they want to read something I wrote (something that hasn’t happened just yet).

OK, so for your help, and I feel like a jerk even asking. But if you have any stories you’d like to see in the archive that isn’t there, drop a comment below. I realize that this might sound like I’m just seeking compliments and for people to say, “Oh just loved this story.” Sure, go ahead, drop those in too, what the heck, my head isn’t big enough already. If you hated stories, by the way, you can keep that to yourself.

Second, if you can think of a better way to arrange the stories for search, please suggest that too. Right now I’m just dividing them up into categories but I’m sure there’s a better way.

Thanks a lot and the Top 100 baseball players gets rolling again next week.