Jeremy Affeldt Retires

From NBC SportsWorld:

Jeremy Affeldt kept me young. Every time I saw him pitch through the years, whether it was a on television or live during the season or in the World Series, the beginning would rush back. He was a 22-year-old kid who had no idea about the future. I was a 35-year-old new father with a baby daughter who had come with us to Florida for her first spring training. She doesn’t remember it too well. She was 6 months old ...

Ode to Affeldt

*A few people made reference in the comments to the original title -- being a line from Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" -- being out of place because of the Oregon school shooting. I obviously wrote that before the Oregon shooting and certainly made no connection whatsoever. My own personal feelings about the Oregon shooting, along with the many other mass murders in this country, are overpowering and passionate and much too political for this Website. I changed the headline and will leave it at that.