Is Patreon Fixed? (Take 2)

Update: I had this post up for about five minutes when Oz, the tech guru, tried something else to make things even better -- that something else didn't work. I took down the post. Now we're back to the original fix, which seems good.

* * *

Could it be true that WordPress and Patreon are working together?

Short answer: Yes (maybe)! It does seem to be working now. Oz, the tech guru here, worked on this all day and finally it seems like he came upon the disobedient code, worked through it, and I believe it should work now. I have tried it on several devices and it works on all of them.

It's a miracle! For now!

For the foreseeable future, I will continue to post on JoeBlogs and on Patreon -- it seems like we are split almost down the middle on preference. Half of you (or so) seem to like the convenience of JoeBlogs. Half of you (or so) seem to like the emails that come with Patreon posts and the ease of in-and-out access. So we'll do both.

Remember, if you don't want the Patreon email that comes with each post, you can shut it off in your Patreon settings.

Here's to happier days when I'm not trying to understand non-chocolate chip cookies.