How to Pick A World Series Winner ...

... in five years.

So you might remember that in Sports Illustrated in 2011, I wrote as if the Kansas City Royals had already won the World Series in 2015. I'm going to get as much mileage as I can out of that.

Then, this week, SI unveiled the new World Series cover, and it's great, but the subhead is: "How the resilient Royals ran off with with a World Series title no one saw coming."

No one saw coming! It really said that. I got a sheepish call from my dear friend Chris Stone, who is managing editor of SI. He felt really bad. I told him I thought it was hilarious, but he said he was going to make it up to me.

And he did. He and Creative Director Chris Hercik came up with a new cover. I like this one better.


How To Predict A World Series (In Five Years)