Derby and stuff

So, I wrote a little something here about Kentucky Derby favorite California Chrome and how it’s crazy stories like this that keep the Derby alive and vibrant after 140 years. If you think about it, there really aren’t many other American traditions that have lasted 140 years -- none in sports.

Got something fun coming on the playing careers of baseball managers. Will let you know when it’s up.

Got No. 44, No. 43, No. 42 and No. 41 all but done in the Baseball 100. I do realize that the pace has slowed on that considerably but that’s largely because the theme has changed. When I first started this thing, I was going to unveil the 100 in 100 days with two or three paragraph items on each one. For some reason -- hint: my own stupidity -- I started writing each of these long, long player essays and as it went along I have sort of felt like I didn’t want to short any of the players coming up. So, we’ll unveil them at a slower pace.

Now, can someone -- anyone -- explain these wacked out “Framily” commercials Sprint is doing?