Counting 'em down

Merry, merry, all!

We’re all the way to No. 94 on the Baseball 100 …

No. 97: Robbie Alomar

No. 96: Larry Walker

No. 95: Tony Gwynn

No. 94: Roy Campanella

If you are following on Twitter or in The Athletic comments, you are seeing that many people are arguing about the numbers. It’s kind of a shame because — as you know if you have been with me since the beginning of this crazy adventure — I don’t care much about the numbers. One brilliant reader wrote that I should have had all the entire bottom 51 “tied at No. 49.”

That’s actually a brilliant way to look at it because that’s how I have it in my mind. I’m not REALLY saying that Tony Gwynn is better than Larry Walker or that Robbie Alomar is better than Ichiro. I had to put them in an order in order to make it a list. This is the order my system kicked out. I could defend it, certainly, but it’s so NOT the point for me.

I could also tell you there are 25 players who I could have put in for Nos. 76-100 and I would have felt just about as good about them.

I suspect you know that, again, because you’ve been a part of this for a while. I suppose this is just how it goes when you open something like this up to a wider world. But I will say, I think it’s going great. I’m so thoroughly enjoying writing these essays. I can’t wait for you to read some of the ones ahead.

If you listened to our Holiday Foods PosCast and you are so inclined, you can vote on the winner. We have each pledged some money to put into a pot, and we’re going to donate the money to the charity of our top vote getter.

And if you don’t think anyone won the draft — a reasonable thing, if you ask me — you can vote “Nobody,” and the money will go to my charity, which is DonorsChoose.

I did not expect quite the reaction to this Tweet I did about baseball cards. But I will tell you that if you ever collected baseball cards, ever invested in them, ever spent time trying to hoard Gregg Jefferies, Brad Komminsk or Brien Taylor cards, you will get a kick out of what this thread turned out to be.

Next week, I’m going to write about the five things I did/saw in 2019 that made me most happy. Or, I should say, I will TRY to do that between the dozens of Baseball 100 pieces I am writing, the Hall of Fame series I am starting and so on.

In the meantime, in all sincerity, Happy Holidays to everybody. You make my life so incredible by reading this stuff.