Several of you have reached out because I have not been adding many new posts lately (except links to my NBC work). It's true -- I've been absolutely swamped for the last few months. I have started some pieces to put on here but just have not finished them. I think it will pick up a little bit now, but no promises. For instance, I just got the Microsoft Surface Book and I'm planning to get the iPad Pro later this week, so I'm hoping to have a review of those two coming up.

I also have a Ken Griffeyish thing that I hope to finish later today. Stay tuned.

In the meantime ...

From NBC SportsWorld:

But baseball is the symbol. Major League Baseball is the game most like American life. Nobody goes undefeated in baseball. Unlike football and basketball and hockey, baseball has no salary cap (though there is a luxury tax that somewhat mitigates things). Baseball is the only major professional sport where one team (say, the Los Angeles Dodgers) can make and spend many multiples of another team (say, the Miami Marlins). So, how do you win if you are the Oakland A’s in the early 2000s? That was the question of Lewis’ superb book, and to this day it has a huge effect on the way baseball is run.

“So,” a reporter asked Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore after his team won the World Series, “would you consider yourselves the anti-Moneyball team?”

“No,” Moore said. “Not at all.”


* * *

And ...

From NBC SportsWorld, Week 9 of my return to Browns fanhood.

This includes a new adjective I invented for the occasion ... Tarkentonian. I like that word a lot because anyone of a certain age will know EXACTLY what it means.